About Ground Floor

The Ground Floor Art Centre is a newly established art studio, venue, and exhibition space; it was launched by a small group of emerging artists in June of 2018, coming from diverse interdisciplinary art practices. We have come together around a common need for accessible space to create and exhibit work, host workshops, and gather as a whole.

Our vision is to provide:

Affordable studio space where emerging artists can develop an artistic practice in a shared studio environment, allowing for cross-pollination and community strengthening.

Free exhibition/performance space for emerging artists, providing opportunities to artists with lower incomes and artforms that hold less commercial value.



Independent and Artist-run

As Ground Floor Art Centre is only recently established, all funding is raised by renting space to other artists, sales, admission, and donations. 

The studio and gallery at Ground Floor is run independently by artists Yasmine Haiboub, Jack Kenna, and India Eliot Oates. 


Yasmine Haiboub

Yasmine Haiboub is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on community engagement and sculptural works.  She engages with her immediate surroundings through performative gestures all the while working to build sculptures through mass accumulation of familiar objects and storytelling.  She is mainly concerned with creating intersectionality through self-awareness.  

Jack Kenna

Jack is a visual artist from Durango, Colorado. He makes paintings, drawings, ceramics, and sculpture, often blurring the boundaries between them.

Emphasizing humour and community building, Jack's practice is rooted in a DIY ethos of opportunity creation for young artists.

India Eliot Oates

India is an interdisciplinary artist from Vancouver, BC. Her practice in the fields of sculpture, installation, and sound arts explores themes of the Capitalocene, identity consumption, and popular culture.

India's recent work dissects pop music as a commodity, practicing culture jamming through the most commercial and widely circulated genre of music.

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