art the hacker// “i’m interested in the shapes of sounds, and the morphing of those shapes overtime. automation often guides my performances, sound designs, or compositions; i also occasionally build my own structures to make unique sounds, and using external tools process them in other ways to further change their sonic shapes.” @artthehacker

amy g dallas// is aiming to incite change through communal sharing of feminist(s) knowledge and praxis. pushing at the structure of western patriarchal capitalist culture, specifically through a lens focused on popular music, the project is ongoing, using a variety of methods including performance, photography, sound, drawing, video, collage, textiles, and critical writing. as an avatar, seeker, conduit, educator, and storyteller she is challenging ideas of appropriate normative behavior as related to when and where. @amygdallas

arp// “here’s a thing a friend told us after we were playing, so we wrote it down: punk rock synthwave, wow dude that was a trip!! i feel like that’s what it sounds like to get beamed up by aliens but they’re super chill aliens that ride skateboards and drink slurpees”

øff// not punk enough to be punk but not not punk enough to not be punk. @givinglines

pitchwitch// homemade synth the pitchwitch and her analogue friend the filterqueen will be on stage with @mariekehelmut for their very first and very last magic performance together before berlin is calling them back home.

jae marigold// a human slime mould with worm friends and a guitar. @jaemarigold

graham connell// “my focus is on transforming feelings into something else. to take sadness and create movement from it. to give life to thoughts of stagnation. to make express what words can’t in a (hopefully) beautiful way using music as my medium.” @thacatspyjamas

india eliot// “The content of the pop song is propaganda - whether it’s products, lifestyles, identities, or sounds being marketed, it can be distributed efficiently through music for music’s emotional dimensions.My interest lies in using this medium as a means to disseminate my own propaganda. I would like to, to some degree, influence popular culture through the music in this album, writing the ideas I wish to popularize into lyrics and producing “progressive pop” music that plays on the formal qualities and tropes of pop songs.”

valsi// works from a background of classicist 12 tone equal temperament compositions

with acoustic instruments, analog and digital synthesizers and sampled field recordings.

Through processes of digital and analog manipulation aspects of the compositions become

obfuscated, degraded, and de-tuned. Valsi attempts to offer up sound experiences that may find

a space between the austerity of the history of melody, harmony and counterpoint, and what

could be considered the esoteric qualities of the evocation of sound.

jojo mama// “it has long been my understanding that art invites the physical expression of a deeper view of the abstract universe. a universe that exists hidden to the natural eye and is channelled into this world through the artist to embodiment. articulation of a state of consciousness emerges through the tools of my expression. a realization perhaps. a state of peace gained where there once was chaos. a greater understanding of self in the grand scheme of life. movement, flow, depth, weight, and reflection, invite the viewer to contemplate their own view of reality and consider where adjustment of the gaze might lead.”

magneticring// a longstanding figure in vancouver’s underground music scene, joshua stevenson aka magneticring has performed, collaborated and toured with numerous artists from around the world such as von bingen, staked plain, kemialliset ystävät, jackie-o motherfucker, jandek and land of kush. working with primarily with synthesizers and electrical effects magneticring’s musical sphere ranges from 1930s indonesia to 1970s germany. tones, drones and phase.

gLitCh Wi†ch// is an experimental techno and ambient project by katrina schellenberg. she uses analogue gear and live instrumentation. @_ytrina

maneki-neko// be shapeless like water. @sophialotech

dj burnaby// “if it wasn't for burnaby, i wouldn't be such a wonderful flawless human being i am today. i was just a normie, but abandoned stores of metrotown, functioning as underground techno parties, have completly change me. i can finally feel life with every cell of my body, and I own this life to burnaby. #ecstasy. i am also looking for a job.” @burnaby1998

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