A workshop that focuses on the cultivation of a conversation broadly based on topics of resistance and care. Through a tangible exploration of clay and typographic musings, I would like for participants in the space to question the systems they operate within, and address for the ways in which these systems fail to account for diversity or difference. This art action is a critical inquiry into what constitutes belonging or otherness. 

The aim of this interaction is to form a temporary diverse and ever changing community of participants that are invited to participate by making a token out of clay that represents their struggles, insecurities, angers, fears and sadnesses - we are able to ‘make visible’ the things
unaccounted for in dominating systems. In turn, holding the space of our burdens outside our body, through a potentially cathartic action.

Further, I would like to activate the gallery walls as an evolving mindmap, where people are able to express questions and respond to each other in a dynamic dialogue about not only points of contention within a given system but also how we can actively resolve that by practicing care for
ourself and others. What do we owe to each other, and why should we care are driving questions of my art practice.

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